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Nutritionist Lyudmila Goncharova: about myths about nutrition, weight loss by summer and spring beriberi

March 11 began lent, when it is forbidden to eat meat, milk, eggs, fish, pastries and sweets. Also in early spring, Ukrainians traditionally begin to get in shape for the summer, actively go to the gym, sit on a diet and lean on foods rich in vitamins. Also in recent years, Ukraine has developed many different food fashion trends, often contradicting each other.

During the fast, a person refuses what she abuses in normal times. To reduce it to that it is necessary to refuse meat, from fish, - it is wrong. And to date, the clergy agree with the fact that you need to "eat the way you are created", which means - according to the laws of their own DNA. To change to sweet because it is not meat, to fried potatoes because it is not fish, is not fasting. It means doing harm to yourself. If we take the post, to which we are accustomed: fish once a week, and everything else - vegetables, we get an excessive load on the pancreas. And hence the risk of developing diabetes of the second type, to which a large number of people tend. This is cardiovascular disease, rheumatoid arthritis, gout etc. it is Therefore necessary to pass tests and for him to eat in order to not be hurt. If we just want to lose a few pounds with a diet "someone's name" or taken simply from the Internet-we also harm ourselves. To feel good, we must eat according to the laws of our own metabolic processes, which must be learned. If a person does not eat the way her body is created, she depletes herself at the expense of elastin and collagen of muscle tissues. And the fat everyone's talking about stays.